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6 ways to tackle period pain at home

6 ways to tackle period pain at home

Menstrual cramps and choosing the right rash free sanitary pads can prove to be a source of similar amount of pain and stress for women. When you have a busy schedule, you need to make sure that you handle those menstrual cramps in the right way by choosing the best sanitary pads for periods. Menstrual cramps occur in females as their uterus contracts to lose the uterine lining. This can cause pain in the stomach, lower back, groyne, or upper thigh. Here, we'll go over some of the at-home remedies for it, as well as how BetheViraa can give you the best biodegradable and rash-free sanitary pads.

How to handle your period cramps naturally?

It is only reasonable to question why you are having such difficult periods. Perhaps you're the only lady in your family who suffers from painful cramps. Perhaps your painful periods didn't begin until you were in your twenties. A doctor can help you understand why you have unpleasant cramps every month. No matter what your circumstance is, you must realise what should be the best pad brands that you should choose for your periods. While getting into the root of your problem, you can utilise some expert-vouched ways to manage your period cramps. Let us delve further into these period management tips.

  • Drink More Water and Stay Hydrated
  • Drinking more water will help relieve bloating, which can aggravate period symptoms. Drink at least 6 to 8 glasses of water each day, especially during your period. To make it more appealing, add some mint or a lemon wedge. Reduce your salt intake while you're at it, as sodium promotes fluid retention and bloating. Avoid alcohol since it causes dehydration. 

  • Bank upon some herbs and fruits
  • There are various ways to enhance fluid consumption if you don't enjoy the taste of plain water. To begin, drink a glass of fruit-infused water as soon as you get up in the morning. Take a cup of chamomile or ginger tea. For a unique take on hydration, try flavoured mineral water. To enhance your fluid intake, drink a cup of low sodium broth. It's not just beneficial for cramps to stay hydrated; it's also good for your general health.

  • Clean Diet Is Crucial
  • We believe that when you have your period, you may crave fatty, sweet, or salty foods, but they are not your friends. Don't eat the doughnuts or the potato chips. Some women have discovered that eating the appropriate meals can help with menstrual pain. Cherries, blueberries, squash, tomatoes, and bell peppers are all anti-inflammatory foods.

  • Massage therapy is a good option.
  • In one study, massage treatment was found to significantly reduce menstrual discomfort in women with endometriosis. Massages can assist to calm the uterus, reducing the likelihood of uterine spasms. To effectively control period cramps, massage therapy should be concentrated on the abdomen area. A full-body massage that lowers tension, on the other hand, may help relieve period cramps.

  • Reduce your stress levels.
  • Stress can aggravate cramping. Use stress-relieving practises such as meditation, deep breathing, yoga, or your own personal favourite. Try guided visualisation if you're not sure how to de-stress. Simply close your eyes, take a deep breath, and visualise a peaceful, safe environment that is meaningful to you. Take calm, deep breaths while remaining concentrated in this space for at least a few minutes. Choosing the right sanitary pad can also enhance your stress level, that's why BetheViraa provides you the best rash free sanitary pads.

  • Say nay to processed food stuff
  • White, refined foods such as sugar, bread, and pasta should be avoided. You must also lower the consumption of trans-fatty acids, which are found in processed foods including french fries, cookies, onion rings, crackers, and margarine. Remove caffeine, alcohol, and smoke from your diet. All of these variables might cause irritation and discomfort during your period. According to several studies, reducing harmful fat intake can also aid in lowering uncomfortable periods.


    Period cramps can prove as a big distress for many women if not managed well. As per many health experts, tackling menstruation in a natural way is the best thing. When talking about handling periods naturally, how can we forget the best biodegradable sanitary pads by Betheviraa? Our uniquely crafted rash free sanitary pads can help you maintain your sanity during the insanely discomforting times of period cramps. Order now and make your menstrual days easy.