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Gift Her the Ultimate Intimate Care Package

Gift Her the Ultimate Intimate Care Package

While the 21st century stands on the pillar of technological development and social media revolution, talking about intimate hygiene, it’s still a taboo!

What does intimate hygiene means?
We take a shower daily to maintain personal hygiene to get rid of the dirt and germs. Similarly, our intimate area is more susceptible to germs as the area is moist. They cause allergies, rashes and Urinary Tract Infections. Also, it is extremely to clean after you have had a natural call and after you have sex.
More and more female hygiene products have been marketing the ploy where they claim that using these products will make you and your intimate area clean. However, it doesn’t mean not using them makes you dirty.

Your Diet Matters!
It all starts with what we eat and drink. Just like any other body part, the optimal functioning of your reproductive organs depends on how well you take care of them. To achieve optimal health of the vagina and vulva, a balanced diet rich in vital nutrients and minerals is a must. Your balanced diet should have antioxidants, protein, probiotics, omega-3 fatty acids and Vitamin E and C.

Bathroom Routine
The most crucial thing to keep in mind after peeing and pooping is to use different wipes for your vagina and anus. Wipes one area first with a tissue, discard it and then move on to another area. The simple reason being, you wouldn’t want to make your urethra dirty with anything from rectum as it increases the risks of getting a UTI. If you have only peed, it’s wise to wipe front to back. Always.

After Sex
To maintain vaginal health remember this simple mantra, pee after sex! You wouldn’t want to host bacteria and germs that may have migrated. Just a little swish of water will help. Avoid using soaps as they can disturb the natural pH level of your vagina.
No matter what your age is, intimate hygiene is always important. You can start with educating yourself about the need and ways of maintaining a proper intimate hygiene. Also, another very important thing is to use the right sanitary napkin.

The conventional sanitary pads contain plastics, artificial fragrance and other harmful chemicals that cause irritation, rashes, UTI’s and even cervical cancer. Betheviraa sanitary pads are made with finest organic cotton and provide guaranteed rash-free periods. Moreover, it is chemical-free, biodegradable and dermatologically tested.